Saturday, August 30, 2008

day 3 - New York New York

it was my first time on the subway. i'd never been touched like that before. you were polite and nice; a million chakra's a dozen laughs. hmmm: weren't you the one meditating in the new york stairwell? were we not just enjoying indian food, discussing the happenings of all of our friends? space brothers, uh-huh. sam philips rising AND DMT WILL NEVER DIE. all the names and numbers in the world, i have. yes. that much is true and we can at least agree on that much.

there are many important things in this world, not least of which is three dollar margaritas brought to you in part by beautiful waittresses. piano's: you become the defacto indiana consulate and we loved you as the day was long. (that is, until the three dollar frozen margarita's turned into eight dollar margarita's and the beautiful waittress transformed into a long-haired metal man - but i'm clearly getting ahead of myself here)

save domino at death by audio. beautiful women in straw hats and the new york city skyline's sunflowers. jesus christ jumped out of the speakers and i said "thank you"
new york, godbless. it was 4am when you departed for the subway. i said goodbye the only way i knew how and haven't seen you since.

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