Tuesday, March 31, 2009

some not so nice things

The Sympathetic Oscillations EP
A Squared Industries
Street: 03.03
Thunders = The Velvet Underground + MGMT
I really want to like Thunders. I mean, these guys openly plagiarize Joy Division ("MagicSick"), Faith/Pornography-era The Cure, Jesus and Mary Chain ("Somnambulist"), T. Rex ("83") and The Velvet Underground (everything else), marginally updating each sound with a few tricks and cleaner production. There is a snag, however. Our generation demands a lot: the house that took our parents 30 years to afford, we want it now - and we don’t care how we get it (hence this fake-ass recession). By the same token, saying "baybay" 146 times doesn’t automatically make you Robert Plant or Mick Jagger. Thunders wants the glory of some seriously holy relics, but their empty-headed, cliche-laden lyrics, Ryan Reidy’s ridiculously slurred swagger (note: unless you are Jim Morrison, the word "hair" does not contain five syllables) and the lack of contribution to this template all overshadow any potential. You just haven’t earned it yet, baybay. - Dave Madden


the myspace blog is for "nice" things, i guess. but i figured this review deserved some attention, too.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

SXSW and other dates


Here are the dates fr our SXSW tour. After that we are playing a couple scattered shows and we'll be out on the South East, East and North East coast in late May / early June ... Come get wild

Mar 12 2009 @ The Melody Inn (New Demos w/ Entry!) w/ Marmoset Indianapolis, Indiana
Mar 13 2009 @ Cahoots Louisville, Kentucky
Mar 19 2009 @ SXSW @ the Metropolis Austin, Texas
Mar 20 2009 @ SXSW Austin, Texas
Mar 21 2009 @ SXSW Austin, Texas
Mar 22 2009 @ TBA, Texas
Mar 23 2009 @ TBA, Oklahoma
Mar 24 2009 @ Pistol Social Club Kansas City, Missouri
Mar 25 2009 @ the Sapphire Lounge Columbia, Missouri
Mar 26 2009 @ the Uptown Bar Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mar 27 2009 @ Cactus Club Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Mar 28 2009 @ Ottoman Empire House Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Italy: Assalti garage e riflessioni noise

Ci troviamo nello stato dell’Indiana dove facciamo la conoscenza dei Thunders, formazione a stelle e strisce dedita ad un garage rock condito da forti dosi di riverbero. “The Sympathetic Oscillations” è il loro debutto assoluto, un ibrido tra Jesus And Mary Chain e The Stooges.

Le sei tracce in scaletta alternano momenti ad alto potenziale energetico ad un finale (in particolare la conclusiva “Letter to the Priest”) in cui il ritmo tende a rallentare, esibendo una vena melodica non necessariamente evidente nelle composizioni precedenti. Ed alla fine la commistione di rumore e melodia risulta vincente: dalla partenza bruciante di “Magicsick” all’incedere ipnotico di “Somnambulist” l’EP è un continuo macinare di urgenza rock e sottili interferenze sonore.

Attraversato da venature dark in diversi frangenti, il debutto dei tuoni statunitensi rappresenta un buon antipasto per un futuro che speriamo sia brillante.