Thursday, January 22, 2009 audio interview w/ Ryan did an audio interview with Ryan ... They played the songs "Gonna Heal Everyone," "Somnambulist" and the new demo "Summer Dream." They then asked him a bunch of questions about each song. You can hear that here:

Also check out Ryan's new band, the Get Wild 5, with Derek and Brian of Phoenix Bodies:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

UK Press / Free download of "Gonna Heal Everyone" / We have a Facebook page

Every month, Artrocker Magazine (out of the UK) and Conversemusic. co. uk pick a handful of up-and-coming or whatever bands for a section in the magazine called "NEW BLOOD." They then feature a write-up and free download of one of their songs on the Conversemusic. co. uk site.

For the month of January they picked us and you can now download "Gonna Heal Everyone" here:

You'll have to register by entering an e-mail address, but we'd really appreciate it if you did this.

Apparently whoever gets the most downloads over a certain period of time gets to record for a day in some studio in England, which would, at the very least, be good justification for us to tour Europe.

So go download "Gonna Heal Everyone" ... Thanks!


We have a Facebook page now ... add us or check it out if you're on that: