Friday, August 22, 2008

August 20 + 21: Bloomington, IN + Columbus, OH

Day 1 ... Bloomington, IN @ the Cinemat w/ the Joy Bus, Morrow and another band I can't remember their name.

Pretty good day, didn't feel like day 1, probably because I knew I'd sleep in my own bed that night. One highlight included the funniest condom dispenser machine ever in some gas station in Indiana somewhere. Two particular gems included condoms that literally glow in the dark (as opposed to figuratively) and a hand-scrawled "DOES NOT WORK" in pen above the tingler/cock ring/climax control dispenser.

The show was pretty alright ... The Cinemat is a little theater. After we loaded in we drank a few beers with the Joy Bus guys who were on tour from Austin. Nice guys, nice guys. The show itself wasn't bad; wasn't packed but still had fun. Saw some Bloomington folks I hadn't seen in a minute. Then left the show and drank more, except I didn't because I drove home. Played a lot of this basketball hoops game and watched Cookies completely dominate it. Also saw a guy break a pool cue after scratching a shot and at a couple slices of pizza from a few different places ... All around a pretty wholesome day.


DAY 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO ... Columbus, OH @ the Carabar w/ the Slide Machine, Deer Head

Woke up in Indianapolis and strolled on out of the city. Forgot to bring our Serpentor GI Joe mascot and absolutely had to go back for it. We drove and drove for a couple hours and then made it to the club. Place was cool; the flyer was obviously a charachature of the sound guy. I ate a veggie coney dog before we played. After 10pm we got unlimited free PBR (which means free beer Serpentor worked, man).

Show went well; good amount of people, the place sounded really good. Afterwards kept fooling around with a deer head that clearly belonged to the band deer head. Drank a bunch. Hung around for a little while; watched the other bands. Drank a bunch. Went to Slide Machine guys' house (super nice guys) and listened to music and played Scattergories. Tweeds. Drank more. Last night is kind of a blur. I thought Tony was going to punch a guy that said he'd give him money for a smoke and then just mimed putting nothing into his hand. The sentiment was shitty.

C coc columbus was a success in certain terms. Good day. Leaving for day off in NYC right now.


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