Sunday, December 28, 2008

Forthcoming forthcomings

We really dropped the ball on this blog ...

Lots of new stuff coming up. Posted a new demo called "Summer Dream" on our Myspace page. You can download it here if you wanna.

There are lots more demos from that same session. We recorded a handful this past October 20088. Something like seven or eight, I don't remember. We have a bunch more ready to go, which will get going really soon.

We are doing a weekend out at the end of January. January 30 @ Reggie's Music Joint in Chicago, January 31 @ Frank's Power Plant in Milwaukee and February 1 @ somewhere in Lafayette. Other than that, we will be heading to Austin in March again for SXSW.

We also are doing a "rerelease" or something of THE SYMPATHETIC OSCILLATIONS EP in March, which will involve a PR campaign or something, cause, you know, we can only do so much.

If you wanna buy a copy of the EP, visit our myspace page here and we have a little PayPal thing set up for you.

Lots more news soon.

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Dodge said...

you guys really dropped the ball on this blog...your mothers hate you.