Tuesday, March 31, 2009

some not so nice things

The Sympathetic Oscillations EP
A Squared Industries
Street: 03.03
Thunders = The Velvet Underground + MGMT
I really want to like Thunders. I mean, these guys openly plagiarize Joy Division ("MagicSick"), Faith/Pornography-era The Cure, Jesus and Mary Chain ("Somnambulist"), T. Rex ("83") and The Velvet Underground (everything else), marginally updating each sound with a few tricks and cleaner production. There is a snag, however. Our generation demands a lot: the house that took our parents 30 years to afford, we want it now - and we don’t care how we get it (hence this fake-ass recession). By the same token, saying "baybay" 146 times doesn’t automatically make you Robert Plant or Mick Jagger. Thunders wants the glory of some seriously holy relics, but their empty-headed, cliche-laden lyrics, Ryan Reidy’s ridiculously slurred swagger (note: unless you are Jim Morrison, the word "hair" does not contain five syllables) and the lack of contribution to this template all overshadow any potential. You just haven’t earned it yet, baybay. - Dave Madden


the myspace blog is for "nice" things, i guess. but i figured this review deserved some attention, too.

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