Sunday, February 22, 2009

Owl Green in Dub Traffic live in Milwaukee / New Zealand Review / Haiku Review


Einstein Music Journal blog (NZ)
"Jangly, scuzzy and grungey tropical sun-stroked garage rock and roll with pop perverses and verses, Thunders come on board yelling and hollering atop clocking percussion and an almost wall-of-noise sound. Their EP is instantly likable, catchy and relatable, and super fun to listen to. I can't really find fault with The Sympathetic Oscillations, with its imaginative name and debauched party vibe, other than that more diverse production could help bring out the songs more from one another. But at the same time the crazy production is one of its highlights! And I'm sure that on a full length LP they would deliver with diversity in spades. In fact the final track, Letter To The Priest, with its captivating hum and finger picking, proves Thunders' willingness to span a range of genres. Psych country/folk/rock/ambient freak outs all ride the rock and roll wave, making the EP thoroughly charming and original. The song 83 is a psyched out stoner glam gem with twinkling tambourines and chiming guitars swimming over watery vocals. With a fake end in the middle and an eerie end that ricochets into the next track, The Sympathetic Oscillations becomes more memorable and adventurous the more you listen to it ... 8/10" ---Sarah


Vue Weekly Haiku Review (Edmonton)
"Spacemen 3? Lou Reed?
These guys pull it off like a
Tank top at Carlyle’s"

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